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Average 40 Time Based On Age

So today we are going to be talking about the average 40 time for athletes based on their age. This is strictly for skill position players. As a lineman your 40 time doesn’t really matter too too much unless you are a D-Lineman. I hope this can help!

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So one thing I want to make clear is that the EXACT 40 time doesn’t really matter until you are running a 40yd dash at the NFL combine. Leading up to college, a college coach doesn’t really care about a self reported stat like a 40yd dash because everybody lies. If you claim that you run a 4.4 40yd dash, but a college coach doesn’t see it… he won’t believe it. He wants to see speed on your game film. Even if you run a 40yd dash at a combine/camp and the college coach doesn’t see it, he won’t believe it. Camps lie to make themselves look good too. So the reason why we write this is because we get thousands of questions on this exact topic. I would focus on staying in this range of speed rather than focusing on a specific time. If you’re not in these time ranges, you need to get faster. 

Ages 9-12: (I personally don’t like even discussing this for this age group because you haven’t hit puberty yet most likely- so it’s hard to tell.)

But I would say anywhere in the 5.7-5.3 range is pretty good for this age group. 

Now, if you read this & you are not in the speed range that we mentioned- we have 100+ speed drills available on this website that you can do! Each drill has a video example and we breakdown the technique of each drill/exact sets and reps to do. Here is the info below ⬇️⬇️

Ages 13-15: Anywhere in the 5.2-4.8 range is pretty solid for this age. A lot of people get mad at me when I say this (we made a video on this in the past) but realistically if you’re 14-15 yrs old, you are competing with high school players. Sometimes varsity players and there are some fast kids out there.

Ages 16+: 4.7 or below

This is again for college level speed. It’s hard to be a skill player and get recruited if you have 4.8 or above speed. Like I said the exact time doesn’t matter but there is a big difference between a 4.5 & a 4.8 on film.

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