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Below we are going to be talking about the average height for a D1 WR and how height is not the most important aspect of the game. 

One way that you can make up for a lack of height is obviously your speed. So if you are on the shorter side of things reading this, you gotta be fast. You can’t be short and slow. If you want some free gym workouts you can do to improve your speed, checkout the link below! ⬇️

Now, like we mentioned above, height can be overturned by speed. So if you don’t fit the criteria of the “average height” for a D1 WR… don’t panic. This is not basketball, this is football. College coaches want the best possible players. Look at Rondale Moore. He is a WR now for the Arizona Cardinals. He is 5’7. So that right there shows you that it is possible. Now if you’re below 5’9, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. You need to be elite in every aspect of your game besides height. Speed, Route running, press releases, catching etc. And that’s what Rondale Moore showcased at Purdue. College coaches do care about your height, but if you have a guy who can ball & then a guy who is terrible but he’s 6’4…. A college coach will take the better football player. They aren’t going to play favorites, their livelihood is on the line and they need to win games to put food on the table. So as a shorter player, you need to outcompete every single guy. That’s just the way it is. I’m not just saying to “work hard” either. Working hard is what you are expected to do. It’s not a skill, every single one of you reading this would claim you are a “hard worker”. It’s about consistently showing up & out working the next guy… on a daily basis… in every aspect of the sport & life. Some people don’t like that advice because it sounds hard & those are the guys who won’t make it.  

Below are the average heights of D1 WRs- this was determined through research of D1 college rosters on

Average Height D1 Outside WR: 6’1-6’4

Average Height D1 Slot WR : 5’10-6’0 

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