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Be A Leader Not A Follower

Being a leader is way more fun then following someone and taking orders. Maybe I am just that way, but all of you need to be leaders on your team. The one thing all leaders have in common is that they are content with themselves. They do not worry about what others think of them. They care about the benefit of the group and winning. They put others before themselves. All leaders need to do that.

Too many guys are individuals. They just want personal success and could care less about the team. That guy isn’t a leader. He will be the first to tell a college coach he’s a leader though. If you consistently put your teammates first, they will go to battle for you. I can’t stand QBs who aren’t leaders. Your team will not want to play for you. If you put your guys first, it doesn’t matter if you throw 5 INT in one half. They still have your back. Take it from a guy who knows. Any position can be that way. If you take your own personal goals and put them second to the team you will win in the long run. Do you think a college coach wants to spend thousands of dollars on a guy who is not a team guy? Hell no. Do you think a high school coach is going to get your name out there for you? Hell no. You have to be that guy on your team who does everything right. Not the guy who “wants to win” but would rather get an offer. I can’t stand that. Put others first and in the long run, you will win.

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