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A lot of guys go into a game and they feel very nervous or anxious. Now I believe nerves can be used as a good thing. If you are anxious that means you care, but if you are nervous(another word for scared) that’s because you didn’t work as hard as you needed to during the off season or during that week. Now it all has to tie together. You can’t just beat nerves without a solid work ethic, so if you don’t have that, you better get working now before it’s too late. But if you do have a solid work ethic and are doing something every single day to get better and you still feel anxious, this article is for you. The only way to beat that pre game anxiety is by telling yourself the right things. Don’t sit there and think “oh my gosh I’m so nervous” or “what if we lose” you should have a savage mindset. You should be thinking “I’m gonna ball out” “I’m the best player on the damn field”. You don’t have to be arrogant to be confident, some of you might be thinking “that’s not me to be saying those things”, it doesn’t have to be. You can still tell yourself positive things. Every time you hit the field everything in your mind should be success. You look forward to the challenge of beating another team and you look forward to the big moments to make a play. Don’t dread them. Why did you work so hard in the first place? You need to remember why you are there and what you are capable of and good things will happen. The anxiety will go away once you start telling yourselves the right things.

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