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Best Way For A WR To Get On The Field

The BEST way to get on the field as a WR is to be able to block. If you can block you are going to play that simple. And if you can’t block, you will not play at the next level. Every single receiver at the collegiate level and NFL level is not afraid to go hit someone or too lazy to block someone. If you can master that, a team will find a spot for you. Obviously you need to be good in the other areas of WR but blocking can separate you. If you are the same skill level as another guy and you’re competing with him, who are they gonna pick? The guy who can block or the guy who can’t? I think you know the answer to that. Blocking is purely based on effort. If you show effort and tenacity to go after the DB or LB, you will get a huge plus in the coaches eyes. When they need someone to rely on they will come to you. If you don’t block your ass off on every run play, maybe WR isn’t for you.

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