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Best Way To Move In The Pocket

The best QBs are the ones who can effectively create space inside the pocket. They are able to efficiently navigate and set their feet to a throw or often throw without their feet set. The best guys who do it all have one thing in common. They don’t kick step.

I don’t like to bag on other coaches. I am not a fan of that. But if you have been taught to kick step you have been taught wrong. When you kick step you lose your base and your feet become super wide. The best QBs in the pocket move both feet at the same time. Thats the key to having a solid base. Show me 1 NFL QB who kick steps and has his base split in the pocket. You are gonna have a hard time finding one. Drew Brees doesn’t kick step. Neither does Aaron Rodgers. They are both wizards in the pocket. They maintain their base the entire time. Moving around or not. Your lower half is the key to being an accurate passer and a better thrower. Don’t sacrifice your base for a quick kick step that might look cool but when the window opens to throw and your legs are split, you will have a tough time making the throw.

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