BEST WR Gym Exercises

Below we are going to discuss the 3 best WR gym exercises you can do for on field performance- often times football players train like bodybuilders- that is great for building mass and size but it can often times DECREASE your performance on the field which is what matters at the end of the day- you need to find a happy balance of lifts that build size and lifts than help with explosion, speed etc. 

Exercise 1)- Power Cleans- power cleans are great for WRs because it will help you increase your fast twitch A muscle fibers- which directly translate to speed & power which every WR needs off the line and at the top of the route. You should be working in a rep range of about 3-8.

If you guys would like a 3 month daily WR gym workout schedule with over 100+ gym exercises with all sets & reps mapped out for you… checkout the link below!

Exercise 2)- Pause Squats- this will help WRs build stability and strength in their legs and also explosion. All 3 of these things can help you with your cuts. It will help with balance and the ability to absorb force 

Exercise 3)- Anything on 1 leg- split squats, pistol squats etc. will all help WRs directly. Most of the time when you run & when you cut- you are off of one leg. So training exercises on one leg will only help with balance and stability. Make sure you add 1 leg exercises to your routine 

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