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When a team is having early success in the season the common mistake that they make is getting too comfortable. They start taking winning for granted and don’t realize every single week should be a grind. They take teams lightly because they are expected to blow them out. That’s when you will wake up the next morning with a loss. You want to approach every week like you are playing for the state championship. For two reasons. When you actually get to that point where it’s a big game, it’s like you have been preparing all season for that game, and also you’re going to get that much better as an individual and a team. It comes from the players to set this tone in the locker room. When you can get your best players to be the hardest workers, it sets the tone for the entire team. That’s when you start to develop. Sure, celebrate the win for the night, but the next day it’s right back to the grind. Take every week one at a time and prepare like it’s the biggest game of your life.

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