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Whenever you have a bad practice the most important thing is short term memory. You want to learn from it and yes you want to get better but you need to forget about it. If you don’t forget about it, the practice will eat you up and you will fall into a slump. It’s almost like when you play golf. When you are golfing, if you hit a bad shot and you are constantly thinking about that shot, you will hit a string of bad shots. The best golfers can hit a bad shot and forget about it immediately after. That’s how we need to be with our practices. I do want to learn from my mistakes so I can be better but I don’t want to dwell on them and think that I am so terrible for making this mistake. Sometimes let’s say you are in a position battle, a bad practice can hurt but listen everybody has one. How will you respond? You can bounce back easily if you approach the next practice as a new day and take each rep one at a time. Focus on doing your job and nobody else’s and you will bounce back. Your mind shouldn’t be on the play before. It should be on the next play.

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