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I personally have never experienced a season ending injury. But I have seen it multiple times and it is painful to watch and you can’t even imagine what the person who got injured feels like. But I’ve seen it ruin some people and I’ve seen it ignite a fire in others. The ones who attack every single day with the rehab process are the ones who will bounce back. Yes it is tough. Your season, your hard work, and your vision for the year was taken from you. But there is always a plan behind this. Whether you are a faithful person or not, everything happens for a reason. The guys who sit around in pity and feel sorry for themselves are the ones who never make it back and are never the same. The ones who attack the rehab process and the recovery process with dedication and the same fire you would have on the practice field are the ones who make it back to 100%. The main point of all this is to not play the victim. Don’t sit around and think “poor me” take it as a challenge and you will bounce back. Mentally tougher and physically tougher than you were before

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