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Change Your Mindset

Everything starts between the ears. If you aren’t satisfied with your game or not satisfied with the way you perform, all you have to do is change your mind.

You are already thinking so you might as well be thinking positively. If you change your mindset into something positive you will see positive results. But if you keep having the same mindset of “this will never work” or ”I will never get better”, nothing is going to ever improve for you.

Perfect example, I played QB. Played QB all my life and I didn’t learn this until my last few years of playing the game. I would notice my flaw in positive thinking during practice. I would throw a pick or make a bad read and it would disrupt my entire game. Another pick would come and then another. You have to let your negative thoughts go. Once I developed an optimistic outlook my game couldn’t be stopped. Everyone has failures but not everyone has success. It starts In your head. Plain and simple. Try hitting a golf shot and only thinking about a bad shot, you will not hit a good ball. Same for everything. Positivity wins and negativity loses.

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