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In my opinion I think the best way for a football player to cut weight is to change up their diet and how theyblift. Now I know both of these can seem hard especially the diet part but honestly it’s more about cutting out the negative things. With your diet, eating low carb and low sugar diets will guarantee drop your weight. Now I’m not saying eat no carbs at all, I don’t believe in that but if you were to do that, you would lose a ton of weight, but you can gain it back easily if you’re not dedicated. Cutting out processed foods, sugars like ice cream, cake etc. and bad carbs like breads will help you lose a lot of unnecessary fat. In the weight room, guys lift heavy to put on size, so don’t lift heavy if that’s your goal. Do high intensity workouts, a lot of sets and a lot of reps but with lighter weight and that’s how you’re going to burn more fat. If you need to cut down, in my opinion, these are the best things football players can easily do.

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