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D1 vs. D3 WRs

Below we will be talking about the main differences between WRs who play at the D1 level and WRs who play at a lower division of college football. I hope this can help you out and see where you stand! 


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So, I’m assuming everyone reading this has dreams or aspirations of playing college football one day, and I think there are some key aspects of your game that you need to emphasize and showcase to  play college football as a WR. D1 WRs are some of the best athletes in the world. They have size, speed, athleticism etc. And when it comes to height you cannot really control that. You got what you got. But athleticism and speed can be worked on, along with many other things which is what I want to discuss with you today. The things you can control.

Your highlight tape is the most important aspect of the recruiting process. You need explosive play after explosive play on there to stand out… especially to a D1 coach. And that’s usually what D1 guys have. They make explosive plays. It’s not just TDs- they have TDs where they take a slant 60+ yards for a TD. They have jump ball catches, plays where they break tackles, explosive blocks, kick off returns etc. 

If you don’t have these types of plays, that might restrict you from gaining D1 attention. D1 schools have no shortage of WRs. There are thousands of big and fast guys across the US. Not all of them play at the division 1 level, let alone the college  level. So these types of plays are what you need to include on your tape. Division 3 or lower division WRs have a few plays like this but their entire tape isn’t like this. They have TDs, wide open catches but that doesn’t make you stand out. A single school might really like you and that’s great but I just want you to know the difference between D1 & D3 guys. And it’s usually that. The size and speed isn’t a huge difference. It’s what you can do with the pads on and the film doesn’t lie. Im not trying to discourage anyone either, playing lower division football isn't a death sentence. You can always transfer or that might have been a goal just to get your education paid for. I write this just to explain the difference and let you know why certain guys play at that level. And maybe there is a kid reading this who needs some guidance on how he can play at the D1 level because that’s a major goal of his. Everyone has different goals, you just need to know what specifically causes you to achieve them. And making those types of plays on film help with that. 

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