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Deep Ball Mechanics

The proper mechanics for a deep ball should be easy to understand. I think the two main keys are your shoulder arch and wrist flick. But your legs also play a factor. Your legs should be the exact same as if you were throwing a deep dig or a bang 8 post. If you can still push off the inside arch and keep a slight bend to your front knee on a deep ball you’re not going to lose ground force. Now all you gotta be able to do is produce rotational force and follow through. If your shoulders are arched up in the air on a 45 degree angle almost, when you drive your hip it will come up and over the throw. If you maintain ground force your velocity will not differ. Just the trajectory of the ball, now if your follow through is outside of your frame (throwing almost sidearm) that’s what will kill your accuracy. And most of the time that’s because guys swing open their front shoulder due to a lack of hip drive. Keep your shoulders square, arch your shoulders, drive off the inside arch, bring your hip up and over, and flick your wrist like you are shooting free throws. These are the main mechanics of a deep ball. If you want to add distance to your deep ball, click the link below! ⬇️

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