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Difficult WR IQ Quiz

This is a more advanced WR football IQ quiz. I hope you enjoy and refer to the bottom of this article for the answers.

Question 1: Whey is it important for a WR to know that it is a 4-3 front? And how does that apply to an outside WR running a dig route?

Question 2: In Cover 2 as a slot WR running a corner, what do you need to do?

Question 3: Outside shade, zone coverage DB facing the QB… how would you run a fade route?

Refer Below For The Answers

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Answer 1: So a 4-3 front means that chances are, it is a 2 high safety look. So if you are a slot or even an outside WR and peak inside and see that there is 4 down linemen and 3 LBs you can kind of anticipate either Cover 2,4 or 6. And this applies to a dig route because you know where to sit in coverage. Let’s say for