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Difficult WR IQ Quiz

This is a more advanced WR football IQ quiz. I hope you enjoy and refer to the bottom of this article for the answers.

Question 1: Whey is it important for a WR to know that it is a 4-3 front? And how does that apply to an outside WR running a dig route?

Question 2: In Cover 2 as a slot WR running a corner, what do you need to do?

Question 3: Outside shade, zone coverage DB facing the QB… how would you run a fade route?

Refer Below For The Answers

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Answer 1: So a 4-3 front means that chances are, it is a 2 high safety look. So if you are a slot or even an outside WR and peak inside and see that there is 4 down linemen and 3 LBs you can kind of anticipate either Cover 2,4 or 6. And this applies to a dig route because you know where to sit in coverage. Let’s say for example you’re an outside WR and you are running a dig and the slot is running a whip Route. If it’s a 4-3 cover 4, that outside backer will run with the whip and the Mike backer (middle backer) will drop to the middle. So you know if the QB hasn’t thrown you the ball out of the break, sit in that window where the outside backer ran. This is so you don’t run into the middle backer and you keep separation.

Answer 2: Keep the same angle. I know a lot of you were probably thinking to flatten your route to stay away from the safeties over the top, however you want to let the QB bring you back down. Keep the same 45 degree angle but snap your head around quick so you can adjust to the cover 2 ball that’s on a line from your QB. It will almost throw you like an out route.

Answer 3: You would attack the DBs leverage, give a vertical set or rocker step outside to the blind spot, then work back inside and re stack. Take the inside release if he’s outside shade, if he’s outside shade and you try to run outside he will just stay over the top and squeeze you to the sideline. You will never get the ball like that.

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