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When you get your first varsity start the most important thing you can do is take each play one at a time. And I know that’s boring and probably not what you want to hear but try it and then tell me it doesn’t work because it does. I know different things work for different people but this is something every single athlete can do and it will work. If you just slow down the game in your mind and worry about the next play, never look back, just worry about your job each play. That’s how you are successful during a game. You can practice this during practice. You should know your playbook so well that when you hear a play, instantly you think, “okay this is my job...” and bam you execute that. You shouldn’t second guess. If you know your stuff and have prepared, there is no reason to not perform other than you are in your own head. Take each play one at a time and do your 1/11th. That’s the best way to kill your first varsity start and make sure you get plenty more.

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