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Below I will be giving you a great gym workout that you can do to develop your speed. Speed and agility is all about developing your fast twitch muscle fibers and this lower body workout will do exactly that! I hope you enjoy.

Also if you are a WR and you want a daily training schedule to follow with all of the ON FIELD DRILLS you can for route running, press releases, catching etc. checkout the link below! 

Dynamic Warm Up

30 seconds jumping jacks

30seconds high knees in place

10 jump squats

jumping lunges (alternating 5 each side)

10 side to side lunges (alternating 5 each side)

10 burpees10 push-ups

30 seconds of sit ups

30 second of bicycle kicks

Leg Development and Explosiveness

Warm Up Sets with squats

4 sets with a weight you can do 20 times

Working Sets10 sets of 10 Squats (should be light/medium weight; over emphasize exploding up from the bottom of the squat)

(1 minute rest in between sets)

5 sets of 10 each leg Lunges With Weight (lighter weight; if you cannot perform with weights please do body weight)

(45 seconds rest in  between sets)

Explosive Movements Superset

WRm up with power cleans

2 sets with a weight you can do 10 times

1 set with a weight you can do 8 times

1 set with a weight you can do 5 times

Working Sets

5 sets of 3 power cleans (1 minute rest in between sets)

Superset with 5 sets of 10 burpees

AB Circuit

Working Supersets

3 sets: Medicine Ball Russian Twists 20 reps each side            

Medicine Ball Slams 20 reps            

Med ball lateral throws 10 reps each side

(30 seconds rest in between each set)

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