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Free Lower Body Workout

This is a lower body workout for football players. This is not a bodybuilding workout, this is a workout that will help your on field performance improve. I hope you enjoy!

Split 1

Barbell Back Squat- Pause Reps (hold for a 2 second pause at the bottom)

5x8 Reps

Superset with

Single Leg Bulgarian Split Squats

5x8 Reps each side


Hang Cleans

5x5 Reps

Superset with

Box Jumps (land on 1 leg)

5x8 Reps


Walking Lunges


Walk 100yds back for rest

If you would like a 12 week WR gym workout split with over 300+ exercises with sets/reps/examples laid out for you, checkout the link below! ⬇️

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