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FREE WR Upper Body Workout

For WRs when training their upper body it’s not about lifting like a bodybuilder and doing curls etc. it’s about activating your fast twitch fibers. So exercises that will help with your explosiveness and grip strength will be heavily emphasized in this workout.

Split 1

Push Jerk

5x8 reps (focus on explosion)

Superset with

Plyo Push Ups Or Clap Push Ups

5x8 reps

Split 2

Pause Barbell Bench Press (pause with the bar on your chest for 2-3 seconds- explode up quickly)

5x6 reps

Split 3

Reverse Forearm Curls

5x8-10 reps

Superset with

Farmers Carry


Superset with

Plate Flips (1-handed for grip)

5x8 each hand

If you guys would like a FULL 2 MONTH WR workout schedule with daily workouts for speed, explosiveness, leg strength, power, balance and overall strength checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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