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On game-day your mindset should be very locked in. Focused on only one task at hand, and that is winning. Obviously if you have  school your mind should be there, but once class is done you should be thinking about doing your job to the best of your ability to help the team win. Plain and simple. Don’t try to do too much. A lot of guys will screw themselves because they start to panic and think of all the negative outcomes of a situation. You have practiced hard all week in preparation for the game, repping your job over and over again. That’s all you should be worried about. If you don’t know what your job is or how to execute it, then you should probably be worried. But when you just approach each play one at a time, the game will slow down for you. Have some confidence. Nobody knows your job better than you, because you have practiced it all week. You should think you are the best at your specific job. That’s confidence, your confidence should grow the closer you get to gametime. Don’t let nerves and anxiety get the best of you. Everyone is anxious but the guys who can deal with that anxiety and make it a positive, are the guys who succeed.

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