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Hands vs. Routes

Which one do you think is better? Personally I have to go with hands 10 times out of 10. If you can’t catch the ball you can’t play the WR position. Hands are the most important aspect of the position. If you don’t have good hands you should be playing DB. That’s why most WRs turn into DBs. You could have better routes than Julio Jones but if you can’t finish the play, you have no chance of playing. And from a QBs perspective, you’re not getting the ball if I can’t rely on you. If I could depend on you every play, single or double coverage you are getting the ball. Here is the difference. You could be open every play and drop every ball thrown to you and you won’t touch the field. But you could catch every single ball thrown to you being double covered because you can’t get open but you make the play and you will see the field. It’s really that simple in my opinion. I think hands are 10x more important that route running. So if you are new to the position, focus on your hands.

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