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HEIGHT To Play D1 Football

Below we are going to discuss the height needed to play football at the division 1 level for each position. Also we are going to talk about the two most common questions college coaches will ask high school coaches in this day and age of recruiting. I hope this can help! 

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Okay so, height matters. Height will get you in the door but will not keep you in the room. I want to make this very clear, if height was the only thing that mattered, colleges would be recruiting basketball players. Your height can help you pass the “eye test” which essentially means you look like a college football player. But if you aren’t talented, you still aren’t talented… your height won’t keep you in the room. So, I would say if you play any skill position (WR, RB, DB, LB) you need to be over 5’10. There are obviously exceptions to every rule and if you aren’t 5’10 that doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. I am just going off of what I see on college rosters. Every single college has a public roster with height and weight given. Look up those rosters and that will have your answer. If you’re a lineman I would say probably 6’2 and above. Like I said- it’s just based off averages. Doesn’t mean it’s impossible to play college football. For QBs- I would say on average, most D1 guys are over 6’0

Now like I said, if you are super tall but can’t play… you won’t play. If you’re on the shorter side of things… it’s going to be extremely difficult to get noticed. We all know this. But if you’re the best damn player around, they will make exceptions for you. Kyler Murray, Bryce Young, Russell Wilson to just name a few. All of them are very successful and masters at their craft which is how they stand out (regardless of your opinion on Wilson- he gets paid millions to throw a ball… I think he’s doing alright). 

Now in todays recruiting world, a lot of weight is put on potential. I was talking with a parent of an athlete who is well connected in the college recruiting world and they were telling me how every college coach that comes to a specific high school is starting to ask two questions about a recruit. 1) How tall is he? 2) Did He Hold Back? (Repeat 8th grade for athletic reasons) They ask this because they want to see if there is any room for potential growth. If you’re 5’11 but 18 as a junior… you may be done growing. If you’re 5’11 but a 14-15yr old freshman you have some potential to grow. Just make sure we don’t put too much emphasis and strain worrying about your height. You can’t control it, but you can control your effort & work ethic to make big plays.

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