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Below we are going to discuss the height and weight needed to play WR at a D1 level. I hope this helps you out! 


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Okay so we are going to start with your height. Height you cannot control. There is nothing you can do to get taller- you have what you are born with. Now WRs are honestly fairly lucky when it comes to height because you have a wide range. You can always play slot if you are on the smaller side of things.  It’s not like offensive line where you must be 6’2+ So I would say to play at the D1 level you should be anywhere from 5’8-6’5+ This is why it’s good to play both positions, slot & outside. You never know when you get to college what they might want from you or where they want to put you. You might be 6’0 and be the tallest WR on your team in HS, but when you get to college that might be an average slot height. Another thing I want to add is that if you are below 6’2 you better have some speed. You can’t be deemed “short” and also be slow. 6’2 and above, you can get away with not being the fastest. But to be a WR at the next level you need speed if you are short. 

Now when it comes to weight, it’s not as important as you think. There isn’t an average weight for a D1 WR. It all varies. And honestly, as long as you’re not rail skinny, college coaches don’t really care. When you get to college, and anybody who has ever played college football knows this, they will put weight on you if they need to. Look at guys like Devonta Smith, Travis Hunter etc. All of those guys are skinny as hell, but they are great football players. And that’s what college coaches want. They will get you bigger when you get there. Yes being big enough certainly helps your case and can help you pass the eye test, but if you’re a dominant player… that’s what college coaches want. If you catch 30+ TDs but weigh 165lbs a college coach won’t say “oh he’s only 165 not 180 we don’t want him”. That’s ridiculous to think. If you can play, you can play. That’s all that matters. Now if you’re curious as to what weight guys are, look up different college rosters on ESPN. See what their guys are weighing in at. Most of the time those aren’t real #s either. But don’t worry so much about weight, if you need to get bigger do the best you can to add size- but don’t get caught up in an exact number. 

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