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How 8th & 9th Graders Can GET OFFERS

Below we will be discussing how 8th & 9th graders can get started with the recruiting process. I hope this can help! 

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You see it all the time in the recruiting world “8th grade WR receives a D1 offer” “this freshman has 8 D1 offers” etc. So whether you are a parent or an athlete reading this, you might be thinking “am I missing something” “what do I need to do to get started with the recruiting process if all these other freshman are getting recruited”. And guys I’m here to tell you right now, it’s all BS. If you run a simple google search on when athletes can actually get recruited and receive a scholarship it is the summer before their JUNIOR YEAR. So anything you see before then is a “non-commitable” offer. Which is a verbal offer. An athlete legally cannot commit to that school- so what’s the point? I could give you a verbal offer right now for a million dollars- and when you try to claim it… guess what… it was verbal so I can just deny it. Those offers don’t mean anything at that age. Are there exceptions to the rule? Absolutely. Sometimes you get some 6’5 freshman in Alabama who is a stud and already has an offer from LSU. Now, the school is doing that entirely off of potential. They are trying to be “early” on him. But they don’t know if he’s going to actually be good. They have a good idea of it- hence the “fake offer”. He might suck in high school- so it’s a verbal offer which is essentially a way out for the college. So if you’re an 8th grader or 9th grader I don’t think you should be worried about recruiting yet. You want to have a plan, but you shouldn’t stress. Your plan should be to become the best football player you can possibly be. Make varsity as quickly as possible and build connections through Twitter or “X” as they call it now. So work on your skills this off season, speed, strength, putting on size etc. Because at the end of the day, to play college football, you need to be a baller. If you have a ton of hype as an 8th grader, nobody cares about that when you’re a junior. If you can’t play- you won’t play at the next level. I think every 8th grader and freshman should get a Twitter account and post football clips, highlights, follow college coaches on there etc. It’s just about building a network. So when you actually get varsity film- you have a network of coaches to send it to and you have a platform to post it to. I hope this was able to help!

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