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Below we are going to be talking about how athletes can improve their confidence by doing 3 specific things. I hope this can help you out!

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1)- Do your job. Often times anxiety comes from athletes trying to do too much. “I need to do this, that etc.” You need to realize football is the ultimate team sport. For a play to be successful, all 11 players have to do their job. So, you can’t worry about if the WR catches the ball or if your QB gives you a good pass. That’s not your job. Your job is whatever your position requires you to do on a given play. You need to master this. This should be the only thing on your mind, and when you get this down, the game starts to slow down. I promise you. 

2)- Don’t let your mood be dictated by results. Football is a very up & down game. One minute you throw a TD, the next you throw a pick. If you let the result of the play dictate how you feel about yourself and your game, your game will crumble. Bad things are going to happen. It’s inevitable. You will throw a pick, miss a block, drop a pass, etc. But it’s how you respond to that. A lot of guys make one mistake and then the negative thoughts creep into their mind. You need to believe it’s just a mistake. Learn from it. You either succeed or you learn. So if you throw an INT for example, go to the sideline, learn from it then move onto your job on the next play. Don’t come off the field dropping F Bombs & throwing your helmet. You can be pissed off, but that better end as soon as you learn what you did wrong. If you let your thoughts take over and the next drive you are still thinking about your mistake, you will make another & another & another. Then your confidence will be completely shot.

3)- Do the work. There is a lot of BS out there about the “law of attraction” and “manifesting” your goals. “You just have to dream it will happen and see it, then it will happen”. How about you take the LAW OF ACTION. You gotta do the work. It’s not just visualizing what you want. All of that’s great advice, but it doesn’t work if you don’t work. Working hard is not a skill set. Everyone reading this probably thinks they are “working hard”. Good, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Everyone wants to get a trophy nowadays for doing what they are supposed to do. Working hard isn’t enough. You need to show up everyday and be consistent, you need to be obsessed, you need to be detailed in your preparation, not only physically but mentally. Then you still might lose and make a mistake. But you need to be obsessed with the process and doing everything possible to make sure you succeed. That’s where confidence comes from. Doing the actual work and truly grinding it out. Not just doing what the coach writes down for you in the gym. You might think this is harsh, but it’s the truth if you want to be a confident athlete. A real work ethic equals a confident athlete. 

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