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How Early Should I Start Off Season Training

This is based on the athlete in my opinion but this question has been asked a few times. I think if you desperately need to improve or you want to put yourself in a starting position next year the answer is ASAP. If you know you need to put in a lot of work and are willing to do it, you should probably take a week off and get back at it again. Guys who take 2-3 months off aren’t in love with the process. I’m all for taking time off and relaxing but if you don’t love the process, in my opinion, you will never be at the highest possible level of your game. Some guys aren’t naturally gifted but love the process so much they are successful. Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school basketball team, wasn’t naturally gifted enough. So what did he do? He made his process a 365 day a year thing. And he turned into the greatest basketball player ever. You need to love the work and the grind if you want to be at the highest possible level.

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