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Below we are going to discuss how freshman can start on varsity next fall season! I hope this can help you guys out. 


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Okay so if you are a current 8th grader entering high school next year, this article is for you. Right now we are in the off season and spring ball is quickly approaching. Which means that high school teams have either already put together or are starting to put together a 7on7 team. Your main goal should be to play on any 7on7 team that your high school offers. Some schools will have an 8th grade team strictly to develop the incoming freshman or to just see who they have coming in next year. Even if you play on that team, that is a great start. All you need to focus on is getting to know the coaches and building relationships. As we all know, high school sports is extremely “political”. Coaches are humans too, they have guys they like and guys they don’t. Hard to explain but I’m just trying to be honest with you guys. And coaches like guys they constantly see and who are bought into the program. So playing on a 7on7 team or taking part in an off season lifting program for freshman is super important. Now if your coach or team doesn’t offer this, I would call/email the varsity head coach and ask him if there is anything you can be doing in the off season to prepare for the fall. You never know, he may invite you to a workout etc. If you play QB, reach out and ask what football the team uses even if you already know. Just build a line of communication so on August 1st that isn’t the first time he sees your name. 

Also you need to focus on getting faster and stronger no matter what position you play. If you’re a freshman wanting to play varsity ball, obviously there are guys older than you on the team, and the older guys are usually bigger and faster. So that’s what you should be emphasizing in order to prepare. Get in the gym, work on your speed and build a relationship with the coaches. You need to be known and physically prepared. Usually when it comes to skills- there isn’t a big gap between freshman and seniors it’s usually the speed/size factor that separates guys. If you don’t start as a freshman on varsity that doesn’t mean your chances of getting recruited are completely over. You just might not be ready yet- all you need is 1-2 solid years of film. 4 years certainly helps but it’s not the end of the world.  

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