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How Many Days You Should Workout Per Week

There is no set amount of days that you should be working out. It depends on the work you put in and the kind of workload you can take. Im not gonna be the guy to tell you, “you should only workout 3 times per week” because that’s not what I did. But I’m also not going to be the guy who says “workout everyday for 3 hours”. It depends on work load and what you’re actually doing in a workout. A lot of people workout everyday but are they actually accomplishing anything? No, they are giving a half ass effort and claim that they workout everyday. If you’re really getting after it, you’re looking at about a 4-5 day range when it comes to the gym. But you have to do field work too. And if you don’t play QB, field work can be done just about everyday. 5-6 times per week, QBs have to rest their arm so that can be about a 4-5 day range . Some days you will have to double up. That’s part of being a student athlete. If you “don’t have time” make time. That’s a lame excuse. If you really think you don’t have time, maybe get up a little earlier and get it in before school, go to bed maybe a little later and have a workout after you eat dinner and stay up extra doing homework. Everybody has an excuse but the game doesn’t care nor does any coach. Something you can do everyday to get better is get a higher football IQ, learn how to read defenses and coverages. Understand the mental side of the game because that’s a muscle that can be used everyday. If you want more info on how you can get a higher football IQ click the link below⬇️

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