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How Much Should WRs Bench?

As a WR you cannot get caught up in how much you can bench. It is not important for your on field performance. Yes it helps to have upper body strength but In football you never play off your back and hardly ever use just your arms. And yes I know about blocking. Blocking is mainly from hip drive & leg drive. So bench press is not one of the most important things you can do, and exercise like power cleans would be 10x better than bench. Yet, so many guys ask me if they are bench pressing enough and if they are strong enough. A college coach will NEVER recruit someone off of their bench press. So what if you can bench press 300+ LBs. If you suck, you still stuck. A college coach would rather have the guy who can’t bench press but is the best damn WR in the whole conference. A college will get you stronger. Yes being strong helps your case but your field performance is much more important. If you need to gain weight that’s another thing, bench is a great exercise to help with that but you need to make sure you are doing the correct things in the gym as a WR. Don’t lift like a bodybuilder. Maybe for chest instead of doing bench press, do pause reps on bench. This is where you pause the weight on your chest for a 2-second count and then explode up. This helps you build those fast twitch muscle fibers in your upper body. Lift for performance not to say you can hit a certain number.

If you guys would like 90 days of WR gym workouts specifically for ON FIELD PERFORMANCE, checkout the link below ⬇️⬇️

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