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How QBs Can Stand Out On Film

How QBs can stand out on film is by doing the following 2 things... 1) I think the QB position has changed a ton over the years but the thing you see most in common amongst elite QBs is how they throw the ball. Balance, base, load, hip drive, stroke etc. and those things tie into efficiency on the field. That is always the goal as a QB, how can you be as efficient as possible and move with as little wasted motion possible. If you have clean mechanics and you throw the ball like an elite guy, you will be successful in standing out on film. This also brings me to my second point, how you can jump out on film if you maybe don’t have the smoothest mechanics or are still working to build mechanics is by having a very strong arm. So many high school QBs lack the arm strength to make the college level throws like a speed out from the opposite hash or a comeback 18-15. You need to make sure your arm strength is consistent to jump out to any college scout on film. If you want a full step by step video on how you can improve your arm strength checkout the link below! It will help you improve your arm strength in only 10 days if you do the required exercises. We give you specific drills and lifts to do, check it out below! ⬇️⬇️

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