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How QBs Can Stay Calm Under Pressure

How QBs can relax under pressure is by doing the following: focus on your job, eyes stay downfield and know ahead of time what you’re gonna do if there is a lot of pressure. When I say focusing on your job I mean worrying about your reads, footwork, throw and protections. That’s it. Don’t worry about how much pressure you’re gonna get if you are in the right protection that is your offensive lines job, you’re job is to react based off of what they do. Your eyes staying downfield is a big part of being comfortable under pressure. If you have worked awkward throws in the off season where you don’t have your feet set AKA off platform, you will be more comfortable with this. Your feet have to work with your eyes downfield going through reads. Focus on your read key defenders and the coverage. And last but not least you need a plan or a “hot read”. If you feel like you are going to see a blitz you need to have a plan if you actually do see that. That’s why having an understanding of coverages and defenses is so important. You want to throw into a blitz and you want to know what the rest of the defense will do. If you want access to videos where I breakdown NFL defenses to where you can understand some of the most advanced concepts when it comes to coverages so your game can improve, click the link below! 

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