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How QBs Can Workout With WRs

How QBs can get better with their WRs in this off season is by working on timing. If you can understand what a WR has to do to get off press and if you can explain to your WRs how you need to get the ball out of your hands you will develop better chemistry. When you workout with WRs it should be all routes vs air work to get the timing down. Don’t jump into 1on1s or stupid ladder drills if you’re there to get better. You should focus on the timing of plays, working releases that receivers will have to do in a game and combining that with a route, and timing. Another thing both QBs and WRs can do is study film. To be on the same page as your WRs you need to watch film together and know what to look for in defenses. If you want some help with learning how to do that, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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