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How Sophomores & Juniors Can GET OFFERS

Below we will be discussing the main things that 10th & 11th graders can do to secure an offer this off season. I hope this can help! 

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If you are a 10th or 11th grader and you do not have varsity film yet… this article does not apply to you currently but it will in the future. You cannot get any REAL offers without varsity film so make sure you are focused on making varsity first if you aren’t on there already.

Now if you have varsity film you must make a highlight tape at the end of the season as quickly as possible. College coaches will start recruiting as soon as the college season is over and they will be coming out to your schools. You want your highlights prepared because the first stop they make  at your school will be the high school head coaches office. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “my school is small we never get any college coaches here” etc. And that’s what we will focus on today. Everyone wants to ask me about exposure and how they can get noticed but you need to create your own exposure. You need to start reaching out to coaches and building relationships with them. And real relationships. Not copy and paste relationships that you send to 100+ coaches. Ask them questions, ask them how you can come to a camp, ask them how you can visit the school. They are more likely to respond to a question DM or email than “hey look at my highlights” 50 times in a row. Twitter is the best place for this. When you get them to respond, then start asking them about your film and if they can check it out. Ask them when they will be in your home state and see if they will visit your school. This applies for coaches of all levels. Not just the D1 schools. If you’re reaching out to D2 & D3 schools- they will be the most likely to respond due to the fact of the “D1 or bust” mentality a lot of kids have. You just need to build relationships. Recruiting is about relationships. Make sure you also reach out to your position coach or the recruiting coordinator for your region. They can all be found on the teams football staff website.  

7on7 won’t get you offers, your trainer won’t get you offers (directly, indirectly he can) and NCSA can’t either. Only you can. You need the skills and you need to build relationships with coaches you meet and the ones who care enough to respond to your Twitter DMs. You never know what might happen in the college football world. A head coach at a D3 might get promoted to be a D1 position coach  at another school. It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. 

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