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How To Be A Great QB

What does it take to become an elite level QB? There is one thing that separates the great ones from just the good ones. And it is a term that analysts love to use and that the Elite 11 made popular, its called the “It Factor”. But what does that actually mean? The Elite 11 calls it the most undefinable characteristic in sports. But I think you can tell right away if someone has “it” or not. I think it’s mostly based off of their confidence. I think confidence is the most important trait QBs can have. If you aren’t confident in your work ethic or your skills, you won’t succeed at a high level. You will fail or have many short comings even if you have worked your ass off. You can tell a guys confidence by the way he walks into a room and how people respond to him when he walks in that room. That’s the “It factor” in my opinion because that will carry onto the field. If he walks in, hunched shoulders, no confidence in himself, he probably doesn’t have “It” which doesn’t mean he isn’t good, it just means he probably won’t be great unless something changes. A guy who has “It” walks into a room and the energy immediately goes up, he walks with confidence and he has command of his team. That’s what you want in a QB, that’s a guy who’s going to be easy to mold into elite. Over time and with preparation I believe you can mold a QB into having “It”. They say you either have it or you don’t but I disagree. Confidence and preparation are all traits that can be trained. So you can train yourself to have that “It factor” but it will take time. You just have to stay patient if you truly feel you can be elite.

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