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How To Be A Great WR

A lot of WRs are good at a lot of things. They have good feet and good hands but what does it take to actually be great? What separates guys like Julio Jones or Odell Beckham from the other WRs on their team? They all have their one specific niche that they focus on. They all have one attribute that separates themselves from the other good WRs even at that level. You could be on a good high school, college or even youth team with a lot of good WRs but you always have that one guy who is just considered the best. It is because they found the one thing they are great at and doubled down on it. They didn’t focus on the things they were average at, they doubled down on their strengths. For example Julio was a great route runner in college. But he had to get even better to play in the league, so he doubled down on his strengths. He got really friken good at running routes which is why he’s one of the best in the league. The Falcons have some dudes at WR too but he will always be considered the best. Mainly because he separates himself with that skill. Look at Odell, he is the best WR on the Browns, not because Landry is bad or any other guy but Odell is just ELITE because he refuses to drop a ball and is a playmaker. Those are the strengths he plays to. You need to find your strength and use that to separate yourself from the other WRs on your team and in your league.

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