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How To Be The Best

What does it take to be the best? So many people try to cheat what it really means to be number one at their craft. That is hard work.

When somebody is at the top, everyone loves to point the finger and say “oh it’s because he has this or does this and I don’t”. But the real answer to that is hard work. They just work harder than you. They don’t sit back and complain about “the coaches having it out for them” they don’t slack off in the weight room. They just do the work and play with a confidence they have because of the work. If you want to beat pre game nerves and be relaxed on the field, work harder in the off season. It is not too late. It is still June, you have about 2 more months until it is time to go! So those 2 months need to be work. A lot of guys take the summer as the time to screw off and to go to the beach. You can do all those fun things but make sure you get the work done. And I’m talking about real work. Stuff that is going to get you better. Not going to the field for 45 minutes with your boys and running 1on1s. And I know all of you do that. Actually do the real work. Spending hours in the weight room and hours on the field. Then you can enjoy yourself all you want. If you want to win a State Championship this year, you need to set the standard for your team. That’s the bar and the level everyone needs to be at. Not just the 11 guys on the field. The greatest athletes elevate the work ethic of the team. Kobe Bryant elevated the entire Lakers team when he was there. He challenged them to get better. That’s what you need to do this summer. Challenge your teammates and challenge yourself. That’s how you will climb to the top of your game.

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