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Below we will be discussing how you can beat out the starter ahead of you. 

Also, in 2024 we are coming out to 15 more cities for QB/WR camps! We will be coming to San Francisco CA, Miami FL, Las Vegas NV, Charlotte NC, Portland OR, Dallas TX, Nashville TN, Chicago IL, Buffalo NY, Atlanta GA, Houston TX, Philadelphia PA, Detroit MI, Boise ID & Los Angeles CA! Checkout the link below to sign up ⬇️⬇️

So there are 3 things that you can do to get more play time and beat out the starter who is in front of you. 

1)- Show up consistently. If you think working hard just one day or even one week is enough, you are sadly mistaken. I am talking months and months of dominating. People say “showing up is half the battle”. It’s none of the battle. You need to show up and kill the competition with your performance. Don’t “leave anything to the judges”. You need to be better than your competition and work harder than your competition in every aspect of the game. Working hard is not enough when you are a back up. You need to utterly dominate.

2)- Make the most of your opportunities. If you only get 2 reps in practice, you need to treat those two reps like the damn Super Bowl. Because if you crush those two reps, (and I must remind you- consistently crush those reps not just one day) two reps will turn into 4 and 4 will turn into 8. They have to notice you and give you a chance if you are dominating.

3)- Get on the field. This goes for any position besides offensive line and QB. If you’re a skill player, you should be trying to play defense, special teams etc. This increases your opportunities to dominate & this increases a coaches trust in you with a starter role. Show that you are a team first player and you will help the team win. If you help the team win, you won’t come off the field. 

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