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How To Beat Pre Game Nerves

We get a lot of questions on this specific topic and I think honestly it comes down to two things. 1)- Taking things one play at a time- this could be the most cliche post game interview phrase ever made- but it’s honestly the best way to achieve success in an actual game. Nothing else matters but the specific rep you are on. Whatever play is called that should be the only thing you are worried about. What is your assignment and how you can win your assignment. If you solely focus on that and not the external things going on during a football game like the crowd, pressure, opposing teams etc. your nerves will slowly fade away. Everyone gets anxious before a game but sometimes it can distract you. Make sure you are focusing on a single play and winning that play. 

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2)- Focus on doing your job. This kind of ties into rule #1 of taking things one play at a time. A lot of times nerves come from things you cannot control. If you’re a QB- often times you can worry about the lineman blocking, the WRs catching etc. but at the end of the day- you can only control what your job is. And that is reading the defense, delivering an accurate ball and having the correct feet. If you can simplify your process to something quick and easy- it will be easier to execute and it takes stress off of you. Trust me this is something I wish I knew when I was a younger player- I didn’t figure this out until my last year of playing and it was the most success I’ve ever had. If you can take things one play at a time & focus on your job things will begin to change and your nerves will fade away.

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