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A lot of teams can struggle week 1. They have a rough first outing and then everyone starts to panic but that is not at all the case. I was watching the Miami vs. Florida game last night and even guys at that level have shaky first games. But what makes them some of the top teams in the country is their ability to bounce back. Dan Mullen said ”we have a lot of things to coach our guys on” which is exactly how you should approach the 2nd week as a player. Focus on getting better and improving whatever you didn’t do well on the first week. Don’t think that’s how you’re gonna play the rest of the season. Everyone needs a game to get back in the rhythm of the season. Don’t dwell on it. Football is a game of managing the bad things and minimizing the mistakes. If you can have just one bad game all season, you probably want it to be week 1 rather than week 10. Take the first week as a learning experience. Bounce back and you will have a positive rest of your season. Approach it one week, one day, one play at a time.

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