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How To Build Confidence

A lot of players struggle with confidence. They know they can do it, but when it comes time to execute everything they have worked on, falls through. Now, there are times when it’s a mental issue and times when it’s a physical issue. The physical issues are when players don’t do enough in the off season. They workout a couple times a week, go half ass at school workouts and it shows when they get on the field. That is a whole other issue. You need to be committed to whatever you are wanting to do. There has to be a level of commitment. If you don’t want to invest time into your game, your game won’t reward you. It’s like a business, if you don’t put money into a business or don’t  invest time and effort into a business it won’t grow... much like your skill set on the football field. If you don’t have money, put in time because everyone LOVES that excuse. The truth is nobody cares, work harder. That is so true to everything in life. You need to put in the work to get confident, not put in a half ass effort and expect that the world will reward you. That’s not how life works. If you are putting in a lot of work and by work I mean good work, you need to start in between your ears. Getting the mental side of the game right, telling yourself positive things, going over mental reps in your head, and seeing the game before it happens is how you get more confident AFTER you have put in the work. If you struggle doing that, click the link below ⬇️

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