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How To Deal With Anxiety/Pre Game Nerves

Nobody likes to feel nervous or anxious but that is part of the game that we love. And that is completely normal. Once you can understand that nerves or feeling anxiety is a normal thing, you will be able to deal with it. I have played with guys no matter how good they are, they have to throw up before the game. It’s the only way they can play. Now what if you arent that extreme but you want to be able to deal with it better? You are in the right place.

Nerves mean either 2 things, 1)you care or 2) you aren’t prepared. I would much rather have it be the first one. If you know you have prepared for the game and prepared for the season, you will have less nerves. It’s when you don’t prepare that fear starts to set in. It starts in the off season. If you don’t want to feel nervous before a game, work your ass off. That simple. Now the way to deal with gitters is to constantly give yourself positive self talk. Your mind is crazy important. Confidence comes from what you say to yourself. Constantly remind yourself that you are prepared and that you worked your ass off to get to this point and that you are ready. Now some guys LIE to themselves when they really haven’t prepared and that’s when it doesn’t work. It all comes full circle. Once you have done the work and hustled like you should, then you can start feeding yourself the right things. Your mind is going to make you successful after all the physical work is done. Because if you get two guys who line up against each other and they both have worked hard, whoever has the better mental side of the game is going to win. Work your ass off and have positive self talk and watch the pre game nerves slowly start to fade away.

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