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Below we will be discussing how you can deal with coaching politics. Whether it is a coach who plays favorites, has connections to someone at the school or has his son on the team. I hope this advice can help you! 

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No matter where you go, transfer to, enroll at etc. (besides the college level and above) there is going to be politics. A lot of times guys will run from politics and transfer schools when I believe they shouldn’t. And they run into the same problems at that same school. And I also learned this from my own personal experience. I think anytime you are faced with politics in the football world you should face it head on. Don’t shy away from the competition. There are obviously unique situations where you can transfer but those aren’t as common as you think. The best advice I can give you with politics is to stay consistent. Listen, coaches eventually have to play the best players. And the key word there is eventually. If you aren’t starting right away, don’t panic. You have a long season and hopefully playoffs. You need to think about why you want to start in the first place. It’s to get film, make plays so hopefully you can play in college by getting a scholarship right? Now your Hudl highlight film gets you recruited. But it’s not about the number of plays on your highlight tape. Or the number of games you started. It’s about making college level plays within the first 1 minute of the tape. Highlight tapes should only be 3 minutes long max. A college coach WILL NOT watch a 10 minute long tape. He will know within 5 plays if you are a college player or not. So let’s say you don’t start for the first 6 games but you play the last 3 and then 3 in the playoffs. And you crush it… that’s all you honestly need. Now if you’re on the younger side of things and don’t need to worry about recruiting yet- my advice would still be the same. Stay consistent. By consistent I mean showing up everyday with a good attitude, working harder than everyone else, doing the extra work after practice, showing up to practice early to get extra work etc. And consistency it not just 1 week. It’s the entire season. Even if you’re a starter. And everyone makes excuses about this. “Oh I can’t get there that early” “I have to leave right after practice”. Winners don’t make excuses, they just get the job done. Don’t leave anything to the judges- if a coach is playing another kid and you are truly truly better than him in every aspect… he has to play you. And this is where honesty comes into play. I hate to say this but if he’s better than you in 2/8 aspects of the position- they will use that against you. “Well he has a stronger arm than you” “He knows the offense better than you”. Those shouldn’t even be phrases a coach can say. Let’s say you’re a QB and there is some politics going on.. you should be more accurate than the guy in front of you, a better athlete, better footwork, know the offense better, stronger arm etc. Don’t leave anything to the judges as they say in boxing. And if you can do that, and be honest with yourself… you will eventually get a shot. And when you get a chance to get on the field, don’t ever come off. 

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