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How To Deal With Favoritism

Favoritism is something you just have to deal with. In any sport that will always be something thrown at you. It sucks but that’s how the game is. How are you gonna react to it? You can either let it ruin you or you can let it motivate you.

A lot of guys choose the first option. They go around in pity for themselves and think oh “why me” and “this always happens to me” and they keep blaming themselves when In fact they should just be focused on getting better not worrying about anything external that is going on. Focus on your game and what you need to do to get better. And P.S nobody wants to play with or for a guy who is like that. Always complaining and talking about the negative things going on. Nobody wants that. They want a guy who doesn’t let it effect him. It says a lot when a guy who is experiencing a little favoritism against him just says screw it and works his face off every single day he touches the field and in the weight room because he has something to prove. That is somebody I want to go to battle with and play for. Not someone who goes around in pity for themselves and plays the victim. Don’t be a victim. There is someone who has it a lot worse off than you do. If someone is overlooking you, good, prove them wrong. There is nothing better than proving someone wrong. I would trade in anything to prove somebody wrong and see the look on their face. So if you are experiencing favoritism, prove them wrong. Don’t fall into the trap they want you to fall into.

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