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Everyone’s biggest fear when trying to gain weight in the off season is that they will slow down. Today I’m going to discuss how that is NOT the case if you gain weight correctly. I hope this can help! 

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Okay so first off, I want to say that the exact number you weigh does not matter at all to a college coach/high school coach etc. What matters is if you are big enough/strong enough to absorb contact, block, or make tackles depending on youre position. So, it’s good to have a target weight because you cannot accomplish anything without a target, however don’t get so caught up in the exact number. 5lbs won’t decide if you play college football or not. Now if you don’t want to slow down when gaining weight you cannot neglect fast twitch exercises in the gym. Yes, you need to do exercises that build mass like squats, bench press (not if you’re a QB), deadlifts, rows etc. but you cannot neglect exercises like box jumps, power cleans, hang cleans, and any other explosive movement you do. Speed is all about developing fast twitch muscle fibers- so if you are lifting size- you will not lose speed if you keep developing your fast twitch fibers. For cardio, run sprints if you need to. But DO NOT neglect these lifts. That’s how you can slow down.

Also, remember how I said the exact weight doesn’t matter? You should be trying to gain as much as weight as possible with as little BODY FAT as possible. That will also keep you fast an explosive. Focus on putting on lean muscle mass not super heavy bulking weight. Linemen it’s a different story but for the skill guys- focus on being at a low body fat % while you are gaining muscle mass. Be in a constant calorie surplus and make sure you consume around .8-1.2 G of protein per pound of body weight. If you focus on lifting correctly and eating In a calorie/protein surplus- you will see gains. But, you won’t lose athleticism. 

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