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How To Get An Offer…

Below we will be discussing 3 steps on how to get a REAL OFFER. Often times you see all of these “offers” posted on social media, but most of the time they are not real. A lot of it is built on hype and today we will be discussing how to get actual interest from a college. I hope this helps! 

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Step 1)- You need varsity film. If you see a guy who has “scholarship offers” without varsity film… his offers are fake. The colleges might be interested because they think he MIGHT be a good prospect but if he doesn’t live up to the hype, his offer will not be there when he is a junior. You cannot even receive an official offer until you are a junior so none of it matters anyways. But without varsity film, college coaches aren’t going to care. You can send them 1 million emails but if you don’t have varsity tape- they won’t take you seriously. So if you’re a guy who is maybe on the freshman team or the JV team… your goal should not be to get “exposure” or to “get recruited”. Your goal needs to be making varsity and getting play time. 

Step 2)- You need an EXPLOSIVE highlight tape. A common misconception is that you want your highlights to be as long as possible so colleges think you make all these plays. However, college coaches look at thousands of highlight tapes- they will only watch the first 1-3 minutes if you’re lucky. Keep your tape under 4 minutes and have the very best plays in the front of the tape so colleges see them early. I would rather have a highlight tape that is 1 minute of college level plays than 6 minutes of routine plays. That will more likely grab a college coaches attention.

Step 3)- Make a Twitter. You can have all the highlights in the world but if a college coach doesn’t see it, it doesn’t matter. So make a Twitter account. No other social platform really matters. College coaches live on Twitter- not on Instagram. Put your highlight link in your bio and make it a pinned tweet on your profile. So when a college coach meets you, visits your school, or you reach out them… they have all of your info right there on the profile. Also it’s a great way to network with coaches and to reach out to them.

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