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How To Get An Offer At A College Camp

So at college camps it is a common misconception that you will just be able to show up and earn a scholarship from your performance. How you can obtain an offer at a camp is from them already knowing you. If you are camper #473 out of 500 and you have no prior communication with any of the college coaches on the staff/in attendance it will be really hard to get noticed unless you ball out tremendously.

If you plan on attending college camps this summer I highly recommend going to camps where you have already been in communication with the school. In high school I wasn’t the flashy 4/5 star recruit. I was going to end up playing D2 ball or D3 ball whichever gave me the best offer. So I didn’t waste my time going to camps like the USC camp or the UCLA camp. I went to the smaller school camps that had less kids and I was familiar with their coaches. And my first offer ever came from a camp. It was a small college located in LA. The offensive coordinator liked my film and I went to the camp so he could see me throw in person and run. (I was a QB at the time) (switched to WR in college). He ended up talking with me for 30 minutes after and they offered me a scholarship after my camp performance. That’s how you guys need to approach camps. Coaches have their guys picked out before the camp even starts. So if you’re not one of the guys, you might be wasting your time. If you’re going for the experience of going, that’s one thing… but to get recruited it won’t happen unless they know you. Now If you’re a guy who is a stud on the 40yd dash, pro shuttle or you are just extremely talented you will be the exception. You could stand out at a camp like that with 200-400 kids. But increase your chances of landing an offer by attending camps where the staff knows who you are.

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