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The best way to get recruited is by your film, you need to have film that stands out and separates you from other recruits. But what goes into a good highlight tape? College coaches don’t want to see routine plays that you make. They expect you to make those kinds of plays. They don’t want to see 5 yd outs if you’re a WR or completing hitches as a QB. They want to see the throws/plays that are HIGHLIGHTS. Hense the name highlight film. Don’t just try to fill space to make yourself look good. A 5 minute tape with 5 minutes of legit plays is way more appealing than a 12 minute tape with all of your plays. If a coach likes you, they will want to see actual game film. The highlights are just an intro. So make sure you are highlighting your best plays during the season as it goes. Don’t make the mistake of putting everytime you touch the ball on film.

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