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Below we are going to discuss how you can get recruited to play college football if you live in a small town that may not get a lot of exposure. I hope this can help! 

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1)- DONT FALL FOR THE NCSA SCAM. NCSA is a complete scam and they target people in small towns to sign up for their subscription and their “service” to help you get recruited. I’m going to tell you this right now, NCSA has zero respect in the college football world. They want you to sign up for a “free” profile so they can get your email address and sell it to colleges who will spam you with “camp invites”. So NCSA looks like Jesus because you think as the consumer that they got you that “invitation” to spend $200 at a camp. So the mistake people will do is that they pay for the subscription, thinking they will get even more exposure and nothing changes. It’s still the same BS camp invites. NCSA doesn’t watch your film, tell you what you need to improve on etc. they just want as many kids as fast as possible to sign up. Which doesn’t work in the recruiting game. If you have already spent money with them, you should ask for it back. They don’t do anything you cannot do. Just like in life, recruiting is all about investing your time and money correctly. Rather than spending $1,000 on NCSA or any other recruiting service, why not invest that money in yourself. Invest in training, camps, gym memberships etc. Stuff that will actually improve your skills- because if you don’t have the skills, you won’t play college football. That’s just a fact, especially being from a small town.

2)- You need to dominate this upcoming season. When you play in a small town, chances are the competition isn’t that great. You get kids in Southern California, where there is a lot of competition, who just start varsity and land an offer. Because that’s how talented every school is. So if you’re not playing those caliber of teams, don’t worry you just need to dominate every snap. So that’s why you need to invest your money correctly in the off season. Invest it so you can dominate rather than have someone “get your name out there”. When you don’t have any film and your skills lack, you don’t have a name. When you have skills and the film to back it up where you dominate- that’s when you can worry about getting your name out there. Which brings me to the third point of this article.

3)- Understand how to use social media. Social media is so great for recruiting. It allows a kid across the country to reach a coach 20 states over. You need to make sure setting up a Twitter profile is a necessary task this off season. Upload your film to your bio link, post clips of you training, follow coaches, DM coaches and network with other recruits. You can get your name out there by simply reaching out to college coaches. You need to find out who recruits guys in the biggest states close to you. That’s where I would start. If you live in the middle of nowhere Missouri…. I would reach out to other recruits in St. Louis and ask them what coaches are recruiting them. That’s what we call a “recruiting coordinator”. That’s who you should contact, follow and message on Twitter. Or email them. Reach out to  schools from all levels and eventually you will get a response. Remember, college coaches are looking for talent just as much as you are looking for them. 

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