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Below we will be discussing how you can get “stars” and how you can get nationally ranked for recruiting. I hope this can give you some value but also teach you that STARS DO NOT MATTER.

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So the “recruiting stars” thing is so heavily publicized. “Oh he’s a 5-Star” “he’s a 3-Star” “He Had 0-Stars coming out of high school” etc.

Who the hell made up all of this? Because the star rankings are all made up. There are a million different websites out there that have their own rankings. I think the only 2 that are credible are “Rivals” & ESPN. But they just do it for the clicks. A video that says “Interview With 5-Star WR…” is going to get a lot more views than “interview with xyz athlete”. It’s all for hype so they can attract more attention to themselves. Now that I have gotten that explanation out of the way, how do you get “recruiting stars”? If that’s one of your main goals this year, I personally think you should change your goal to being the best football player possible and dominating. The stars and the accolades will come.

The first step to getting ranked is to play extremely well. You won’t get a legitimate ranking from a credible site like ESPN or Rivals unless you have varsity tape. You see all of this “4-Star 8th Grader” crap too nowadays. Who claimed they were a 4-Star? Their dad? It’s so dumb. To get real stars and real rankings you need to ball out first. 

When you have the varsity film needed, you need to find out who the “Rivals recruiting rep” is for your region. They have a bunch of them on Twitter. When you figure out who that is, you need to reach out to them and send them your film. Then if they like your film they can invite you to one of their camps, not their combines, camps. That’s where you can get a recruiting profile etc. Now those guys get a ton of film sent to them, so you either need to be a straight up baller and have them hear about you from a source they trust, or you need to know someone who knows them and can get them to take a look. 

So it all comes down to being a great football player. There aren’t any tricks, and guess what… college coaches don’t go to Rivals or ESPN for recruiting. They go to your school and speak with you and your high school coach. Stars don’t matter. It’s all hype but that is the process of how you can get ranked. When you go to college, your ranking no longer matters, so you shouldn’t waste time thinking about it as a high school or youth student athlete. 

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