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Below we will be discussing how stars don’t matter and the process of obtaining recruiting stars. I hope this can help you out and keep you focused on the bigger picture of football recruiting. 

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So if you are anything like myself when I played football, you are probably very curious as to how people get “recruiting stars”. What is the difference between a 3-Star, 4-Star, 5-Star etc. Now I’m going to tell you right now, Stars DONT MATTER. A college coach doesn’t go “oh how many stars does he have, we only want 4 or 5 star kids”. Guys you need to understand a bunch of old dudes sit around a computer and create the “rankings” for these sites like 24-7 sports or Rivals. Yeah, they might have college coaches at their showcases but that’s not who told them to rank you. A recruiting expert doesn’t offer you a scholarship at the end of the day. A college coach does. So who cares what your ranking is. I have trained literally thousands of athletes over the past few years. Some 3-Stars, a few 5-Stars and many 0-Stars. Guess what? When they got to college- nobody cared. Some had a lot of success and were unranked out of high school. Some had to transfer and still aren’t playing who were highly ranked. Guys it’s all about hype and the recruiting sites thrive off of clout/hype. Because more views = more dollars. Now, how you get ranked comes down to a few things. You need to know someone first. Either your coach needs to be well connected or you need to meet the recruiting rep for one of those sites for your areas. They will then proceed to invite you to a camp or watch you practice etc. Then out of thin air, they come up with their ranking. I’ll give you an example. I trained these two QBs last year. One is committed to a D1 college and had PAC-12 offers. He was ranked a 3-Star. Then the other kid is going to a JUCO next year and only had D3 & D2 interest. Guess what his ranking was? 3-Star. How does that make sense? It doesn’t. And that’s most cases. They were given the 3-Star ranking before they even had offers too. That shows you that it doesn’t matter and college coaches look at your skills/attributes not computer rankings. 

So what’s the whole point of me writing this? Just so guys don’t set out to “get ranked” or “get stars”. Sorry if this crushed some dreams but seriously, focus on being the best football player possible. All of that other stuff will come. 

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